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Site Migration Notes

September 27th, 2009

It looks like the site migration has gone relatively painlessly.  Although, I think I lost 2-3 posts (the Square Rigger Briefcase and Angostura LLB posts are the ones I remember) in the conversion from Joomla to WordPress.  I need to reload the images from the original WordPress posts (from the days) into the new WordPress. The images from Joomla had to be moved into the WordPress posts by hand, but since there were only about fifty posts, this was not a big deal.

I used a modified version of this script to dump my Joomla articles into a dummy WordPress installation/database table that I set up on the server.  Then, I exported from that WordPress installation in WordPress XML format so I could test the import on my server here at home, as well as importing the old WordPress posts from pre-2008.  Bingo.  I just cleaned-out the old Joomla and WordPress files and database tables at then replaced them with the new WordPress installation.  I’ll be adding the images from the old WordPress posts back in slowly.

The Workbench

September 11th, 2009
The Workbench

The Workbench

I finally got my workbench set up a the new place.  Total cost: $10 (for an IKEA countertop from the AS-IS department—the only reason we go to IKEA)  The workbench superstructure is recycled from the crate in which they moved our china cabinet.  Now it’s time to sort through the junk box(es)!  I’d like to pick up some more test equipment, but I’m (clearly) out of space for that at this time.

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