February 29th, 2008 by k8gu Leave a reply »

This week has been a banner week in the publication department.  On Tuesday, we got the proof of our paper “Optical observations of the growth and day-to-day variability of equatorial plasma bubbles” back from Journal of Geophysical Research.  On Thursday, I completed the final draft of “A multi-instrument technique for localization of equatorial ionospheric scintillations” which will go either to JGR or Radio Science on Monday.  And, also on Thursday, the National Contest Journal showed up with my article on bandpass filters and switching.

Unfortunately, I’m not completely happy with the NCJ article from a variety of standpoints.  I don’t believe it represents my best work, and I tried to cover too much too quickly.  I’m not really an expert on filters, either, just a cheap ham (that is, poor grad student) trying to do SO2R on a budget.  Perhaps I should have taken that tact.  Live and learn.  On the bright side, Zack Lau, W1VT, sent me a couple of QEX articles he’s written on filters for in-band operation.  I’ll have to look into those.  I hope to put an errata/bonus material page for the article on the filters part of the site.

Back to the grind of crunching numbers so I can write about them…I guess that outlook sounds bleaker than it really is!