the science, engineering, and art of amateur radio
engineering of amateur radio

Perhaps the most important skill possessed by an engineer the knowledge of the practical limitations of theory and the theoretical limitations of practice. Here are my notes on some of my projects.

repair notes

I enjoy keeping electronic gear going "longer than expected." I'll probably promote this section to the navigation bar soon. But, here are some of my repair notes for radios and appliances.


Tod, K0TO, Ford, N0FP, and I, took a brief interest in bandpass filters for SO2R and Multi-Op contest stations. Tod and Ford seemed to have boundless enthusiasm for the project, each producing several prototype filters. I was the one who had access to HP Network Analyzers and some background in filter design. We based our work on W3NQN's filters. Tod and Ford were able to eek some more performance out of their homebrew filters.

Update! As of March 2006, Lynn, NO9Z, is also working on a set of W3NQN filters based on the QST articles and the Panasonic capacitors. I hope to post some of his results here, as well.