This is where the magic happens.

This precise collection of gear is not particularly fancy nor important, but the major items include a Tektronix 464 100-MHz analog storage oscilloscope, Astron RS-7A (need to replace/augment with variable voltage/current limit unit) power supply, HP 3310A function generator up to 5 MHz, HP 5384A frequency counter, HP 8405A vector voltmeter, Autek VA-1 vector RF analyst, MFJ 949E matching network and dummy load, Weller WES51 soldering station, and a cheap Velleman DMM.  I also have a B&K Precision 40-MHz oscilloscope in backup which may move into the hamshack as a monitor scope.

After the solder iron, the DMM, and the oscilloscope, the most useful tools I have are a rotary (“Dremel”) tool and an 18-volt cordless drill.  Contact cleaner is pretty important, too.

The boneyard is getting a little out of hand and I’m going to need to improve the organization now that most of the pieces and parts are consolodated in one place, except for a shelf or two in Mom and Dad’s basement.  Each small plastic tub contains parts that are grouped by type or project.  This seems to work relatively well.