K8GU/3 Lisbon

In October 2013, we moved from the house we were renting in Silver Spring, MD, to our own place near Lisbon, MD. Due to the timing of the move being right before contest season (which starts with CQ WW phone at the end of October), I had limited time to put up much in the way of antennas. So, I put the homebrew G3TXQ broadband hexagonal beam up on a fiberglass mast.  Honestly, I’m a little surprised that it’s lasted so far into the Winter without falling over.  I put up a 40-meter dipole and a 80-meter vertical, as well.  And, I managed to put up two Beverages, one of which I’ve already taken down for the season.


Inside, I now have an Elecraft K3/100 and K2/100.  I’m getting set back up for SO2R contesting.  A lot of antenna work is in order when the weather gets nice again in the Spring.  The TS-930S is now in backup/boatanchor service.