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December 11th, 2009

There are lots of projects going on here at the ranch and I’m not sure where to start. So, I’ll make a dreaded bullet list. A lot of this stuff has been a long time coming and I haven’t even had to spend much money on it, just time.


  • Some PJ2/K8GU cards are still in the queue since USPS didn’t like the “gift” (a laser-engraved poker chip) I was including with them—need to get padded envelopes.
  • No KP4/K8GU cards have been replied to since I don’t have a card design yet. This will be a photo card.
  • Plan to have all direct QSLing caught-up by the New Year.

HF station:

  • QRV on 80/40/20 with full SO2R.
  • Right TS-930S still needs a new set of MRF-485 drivers (although it puts out a few watts).
  • Left TS-930S needs PLL/master-oscillator alignment so it will go to bands other than 40 meters.
  • Built IK4AUY 2N5109 push-pull preamp from QEX article—needs finished and tested.  Have enough parts to build two, but might go with the simpler W7IUV design for the other instead.
  • Plan reduced-size K9AY for 80/40, maybe 160.
  • Plan W3NQN RX filters to go on the K9AY ahead of the preamp.

VHF/UHF station:

  • Wired in Jones plug(s) for the rotator.
  • 50-MHz transverter project is stalled awaiting parts orders (SM caps and toroids).
  • Do a planning cost analysis of 50- and 432-MHz transverter costs vs buying a used FT-817.
  • Ordered W1GHZ 903- and 1296-MHz boards and kits with W8ISS.
  • Plan PAs for 903- and 1296-MHz transverters.


  • Bought new keyboards and mice for sakhalin and formosa.
  • Thanks to the generosity of a friend, sakhalin now has two Seagate Cheatah Ultra320 10-krpm 36-gB disks.
  • Added the old 1.7-gB IDE disk from the “ham computer” to sakhalin so I can still run TR.
  • Added the extra RS-232 ports from the “ham computer” to sakhalin for rig control.
  • In the process of configuring sakhalin to triple-boot Windows 95 (aka MS-DOS 7 for contesting TR), Windows XP (so I have it), and Xubuntu.
  • Plan to migrate formosa user data (not much of it) to sakhalin.
  • Plan to convert formosa from Xubuntu to OpenBSD using 20-gB drive from sakhalin, plus 120-gB already inside.
  • Plan to migrate crete server contents to formosa.
  • Plan to convert crete back from Ubuntu Server to “ham portable computer” running Windows 95 (aka DOS 7).
  • May run a network drop to the basement to use crete in the shop.
  • The MacBook (vieques) still just works.
  • So does the OpenWRT box (home).

And that’s just the hobby stuff!  Well, most of it.