Triple Play / LoTW status

March 3rd, 2011 by k8gu Leave a reply »

Happily, Sarah returned from Texas last night.  You don’t always know how much you miss your spouse until they’re not around.  But, she (and the baby—we’re expecting in July—very excited) is (are) home again!

She also brought the Trusted QSL-containing MacBook home safely and I uploaded my RTTY log to LoTW.  Got a whole bunch of matches!  So, the Triple Play award from the Maryland QTH is indeed coming along nicely:  CW 50/50 – PH 34/50 – DG 29/50.  Lots of easy ones still needed.  Also have 31/50 states on 160 (lacking easy confs like VA, for instance?!).  It’s also amusing to have more states on 2 meters than 15 meters.  I guess I should spend some time on the high bands. 🙂