Sprint and SO2R thoughts

February 3rd, 2008 by k8gu Leave a reply »

The CW Sprint is one of the best contests going. It’s also the first contest that I ever tried operating SO2R a couple of years ago. After last night’s Sprint, I’ve decided that one of the greatest secrets of learning SO2R operation is knowing when NOT to use it. And they say it’s a bolt-on advantage…

Band QSOs Op Time
80: 98
40: 93
20: 29
Total: 220 Mults = 41 Total Score = 9,020

This was my first effort over 200 QSO’s. I’m already shooting for 250 the next time. I really need to get my mobility up! I’m never quite sure whether my poor performance on 20 is due to the lack of a good antenna there or lack of propagation. Maybe a little of both. I do keep thinking of putting up a lazy-H. But, then, I’d have to move the 40-meter dipole that has performed so well.

I never heard WV or NV, which is unusual.  I did hear K5RC calling in the FOC Marathon.  I was tempted to see if I could talk him into a Sprint QSO…but, I decided against it.  I was using the TS-930 he sold me on 40 meters, though!  I read VE6EX’s post on 3830 that he had S9+30 noise on 80!  I called him for over a minute near the end of the contest before K5KA swooped in and got him.   I heard him and VE6CNU on 40; but, was always out-of-sync.  I heard K4FXN (KY) on 40, also…welcome to low-power, low-antenna, contesting.

Goals for next time:  250 QSOs, better multiplier total.