R/C Flying

August 2nd, 2007 by k8gu Leave a reply »

The demolition-derby-monster-truck-madness-motorcross-tractor-pull-with-a-few-animals that is our county fair ended over the weekend.  Since we’re travelling a little less now, too, I decided to fly the plane at the fairgrounds again last night.  This is the first flight since the catestrophic wreck mentioned in the last post.

I walked out the front door and there were kids playing in the street.  (When are there not kids playing in our street?)  “He’s bringin’ that out to fly it!” one of them exclaimed.  “Excuse me, are you gonna fly that plane right here in the street.”

“No, sorry, ” I said, “I’m going to the fairgrounds.”

“Awwww!” she said.  At least somebody told them where they can and can’t go…and they’re still young enough to listen.

No worries for me…I’m still not quite good enough to fly with an audience.

I realized quickly that I’d hooked the controls up backwards during the repair.  Fortunately, I was not yet “three mistakes high” and landed relatively easily.  I reconnected the controls and had a pleasant evening of flying.  I even managed some half-decent landings.

Flying takes a light touch.  It’s a lot like driving a car in that a little correction can go a long way.  What a great project!