Noting Differences: Tektronix 464s

July 21st, 2010 by k8gu Leave a reply »

Through the usual twists of fate and my inability to pass up a good deal on high-quality used/vintage electronics, I ended up with a pair of Tektronix 464 100-MHz oscilloscopes that were not quite fully functional.  To be correct, one actually belongs to my father, but until it’s working it’s essentially mine.  I did the first check out tonight and noticed something curious when I looked at the nameplate on the backs of the scopes:

Aside from the fact that the first one has Option 4 (increased EMI resistance—in other words, increased PITB factor when assembling/disassembling), what else is different/interesting?  After I noticed it, I was not surprised that one of the units had Option 4…