K8GU/9 – Urbana, IL

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K8GU/9 shack

K8GU/9 shack

80 meters and the Moon

80 meters and the Moon

This is my humble station in Urbana, IL. Inside, I have:

  • Kenwood TS-930S/AT with PIEXX digital upgrade (5-million S/N)
    • Inrad #103 and #104 400-Hz CW filters cascaded
    • Inrad #94 and #96 2.1-kHz SSB filters cascaded
    • Inrad roofing filter
  • Kenwood TS-930S/AT with PIEXX digital upgrade (2-million S/N)
    • Kenwood YG-455C-1 and YK-88C-1 500-Hz CW filters cascaded
  • Softrock v6.2 40-/80- and 160-meter SDR front ends
  • Yaesu FT-840 with Inrad 500-Hz CW filter (not shown)
  • Astron SS-30 and RS-7A (not shown)
  • W9RE-style 6×2 switch (not shown)
  • KK1L band decoder and relay driver box (not shown)
  • Heil HM-10 headphone mixer for SO2R
  • Homebrew W3NQN 200-watt transmitting bandpass filters for 160-20 meters
  • IBM Pentium 166 MHz 80 Mb RAM w/ Windows 95B
    • TR-Log
  • Dual Pentium III 500 MHz 512 Mb RAM w/ Windows XP and Xubuntu
    • N1MM
    • VE3NEA Rocky


  • 10/15-meter fan dipole at 25 ft
  • 20-meter dipole at 35 ft
  • 40-meter dipole at 40 ft
  • 80-meter dipole at 40 ft (open-wire feed can be fed against radials on 160 via shack-operated relay)

The 10-40 dipoles favor the E/W direction, although on 40 most of it goes straight up. The 80-meter dipole would favor N/S if it mattered. If I install any new antennas this Fall or Winter, they will be receiving antennas for 40-160. We hope to leave Urbana in the Summer of 2009. Destination TBD.

Stored hardware:

  • Two KLM KT-34XA 32-foot boom tribanders
  • Hy-Gain 402BA-S 2-element 40-meter yagi
  • Mosley TA-33jr tribander (no boom)
  • Lots of wire and coax
  • 100+ ft of 7/8″ hardline
  • Hy-Gain T2X Tailtwister
  • 50 ft of Rohn 25G and accessories