Bedrooms or Beverages and the 20-meter Money Eater

September 11th, 2008 by k8gu Leave a reply »

Two of my favorite QST articles are “Bedrooms or Beverages” by K1TN (Oct 1994) and “The 20-meter Money-Eater” by W7KCN (Apr 1991).  Now that QST is online, you should go look them up. 

The April 1991 issue is the first issue of QST I ever read.  We picked it up at a used book sale before I was licensed in 1993.  It has a lot of hilarious articles in it.  The DXDC (DXCC deleted countries) list is quite funny, too.  “The 20-meter Money Eater” pretty well describes any homebrew project I’ve ever worked on.

The first year Dad and I were ARRL members was 1994.  Those QSTs got dogeared in a real hurry.  Either QST was better then, or I’m jaded now, or both.  Anyhow, I didn’t even know what a Beverage was when I read “Bedrooms or Beverages.”  In fact, I didn’t know what half the article was about.  But, it was good reading.  I read it again recently when I was at Mom and Dad’s place.  It’s even funnier now that I’ve thought about doing some of the things K1TN tells about.  I actually had an e-mail exchange with him a few years ago about joining a Sprint team in which I told him it was my all-time favorite QST article.  He said that all of his years of writing/editing for QST were worth it when people told him things like that.  I always enjoy his writing.