TS-930S Repair Service

I am occasionally asked if I offer repair service for the TS-930S.  The answer to this used to be “no,” but recently “money talked and the goose walked.”  So, I’m pleased to offer a limited selection of services:

  • Installation of the PIEXX digital board.
  • Installation of Inrad roofing filter and other filters.
  • Power supply repair/rebuild (new pass transistors, electrolytic capacitors, other components as-needed).
  • PA driver and final repair/rebuild.

The terms are pretty simple:  You pay actual parts costs (including shipping to me), shipping to/from my QTH, and my flat rate (for each of four items above, e-mail for a quote).  I only accept PayPal for payment.  Only send me a radio after we have corresponded by e-mail (my first name at this domain, or look up on QRZ.com) and I have agreed to work on it.  I am located in the Washington, DC, area.  So, if you happen to be in the area, that’s an easy way to avoid shipping your radio.

If you have an undiagnosed problem or want comprehensive service, the only person who I am aware of who is both a Kenwood authorized technician and repairs the TS-930S is Clif Holland at AVVID.  He has never done any work for me, but I have spoken with him a few times and know others have worked with him.  He’s a straight shooter.